(01) Student training fees must be kept current and on time.

(02) Students must maintain an active membership to participate in official Budo Ryu Kai functions and events.

(03) Students must arrive 15min. before class starts to get ready. We start class on time. Never be late without prior notification.

(04) Students must wear the required uniform to class.

(05) You may wash your uniform but never wash your belt. It is a time honored tradition.

(06) No shoes are allowed on the dojo floor. Training should be barefoot when indoors.

(07) No jewelry is allowed to be worn when training in the dojo. It must be removed before entering the dojo area. There will be exceptions made for wedding rings.

(08) No chewing gum or other snacks are allowed within the training area of the dojo.

(09) Students must bring densho, notebook, pen, training aids and training gear to class.

(10) Students are responsible for purchasing training aids and training gear.

(11) Always greet your instructor before class. It is considered rude not to.

(12) Always respond to your instructor when they are trying to help you. This is both in and out of the dojo. To not respond and show proper respect is disrespectful.

(13) Always bow before and after you walk on and off the dojo floor. This is showing respect for the sacred training space.

(14) This is a traditional dojo advocating traditional values, customs and respect. If you are disrespectful, degrading, dishonest or dishonorable in anyway, you will be dismissed.

(15) Use common sense standards, decency and respect at all times to everyone.

(16) Do no talk while the instructor is teaching class.

(17) Students must bow to each other before they work together in the dojo.

(18) Never lean up against the wall or any other structure when training in the dojo. It is disrespectful to the dojo and the instructor. Stand on your feet.

(19) Do not show up drunk or high to class. This will lead to an automatic dismissal.

(20) Profane language towards another person is not allowed. Show everyone proper respect.

(21) When sitting on the dojo floor always sit anza, hanza or seiza. Anything other is considered sloppy and disrespectful.

(22) Horseplay is not allowed on the dojo floor. You are here to train.

(23) Always keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean to avoid injury to yourself and others.

(24) Always be presentable and clean. Wear a clean uniform and deodorant. Do not offend others because of your personal hygiene.

(25) Students should never cause problems for the Budo Ryu Kai, both inside and outside of the dojo. Always stay true to the mission and the purpose of the organization.

(26) Students must do what they are told and follow the instruction of their instructor. You are here to train.

(27) If an instructor is doing something inappropriate, disrespectful or dishonorable, they should be reported to the council immediately.

(28) Students must train and give 100%, always. Anything less is disrespectful to the instructor.

(29) Bring any problems that you have (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to your instructor immediately so that it can be handled.

(30) Students must sign the waiver to participate.

(31) Students are responsible for any injuries that may occur during training. In depth description is documented on the waiver.

(32) If any injury occurs, the student must notify the instructor immediately.

(33) Do no touch any weapons without permission.

(34) Do not, under any circumstance, touch the alter. Only the instructors may do that.

(35) Do not teach without permission or you will be dismissed.

(36) Do not share our training materials without permission or you will be dismissed.

(37) Do not post hate in anyway publicly or support hate in anyway, or you will be dismissed.

(38) If you support hateful ideals, such as (but not limited to racist, prejudice, sexist, etc... or those that do, you will be dismissed.

(39) We do not cross rank. All students must start their journey wearing a white belt.

(40) No cross-training is allowed. I give 100% to my students and I expect 100% back.

(41) Do not ask to be tested. You will be tested when you are ready. Your instructor knows where you are with your training.

(42) Always remain true to the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu/Budo Ryu Kai Mission and Purpose.

(43) This organization supports individuality. It does not matter: race, religion, sex, gender, political position or lifestyle choices. We support all individuals who have a good heart and are willing to learn.

(44) In supporting individuality, it is important for all students to follow the golden rule: "An it harm none, do what ye will". It does not matter your life choices as long as you are not harming anyone or supporting those that do.

(45) All students must follow all rules and guidelines at all times.

(46) In the Budo Ryu Kai we do not address anyone by their first name. All students will be referred to as "Mr." or "Ms.", followed by their last name. If they do not adhere to either man / woman pronouns, than that student will be addressed simply buy their last name.

(47) When a student needs to ask for instruction or guidance, they should always address the instructor as "Sensei" or their earned title to show proper respect. If there is more than one instructor in the class, then refer to that instructor as "Sensei"; or their earned title followed by their last name.

(48) When a student is receiving instruction they should always respond by saying: "Yes Ma'am", "Yes Sir"; or "Yes Sensei"; to let the instructor know they understand the instruction that is being taught.

(49) A teacher student relationship is very sacred. If either the teacher or student has questions regarding training, testing or otherwise, they should ask in a polite and professional manner. A teacher student relationship should be close, as like a parent and a child.

(50) Always stay true to our teachings of ninjutsu and bujutsu. Never stray from "The Way".

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