Kuden Lesson #13 - Kodachi & Ninja Biken

This Kuden Training Event was taken at the Hombu Dojo of the Budo Ryu -School of the Japanese Warriors Way!  Anshu Christa Jacobson looked at the Kodachi (小太刀) or short sword fighting skills from the Tomo-ryu (戸猛流) as well as the Shinobigatana from the Togakure-ryu (戸隠流).  Towards the end of the training session we looked at various methods of Iaijutsu (居合術) with the Kodachi (小太刀). Watch Anshu teach Various strategies, concepts and applications of short sword techniques! aprox 45 min.
Scene Selection:
Chapter   1 - Play All
Chapter   2 - Intro
Chapter   3 - Kumite Concepts (Kuden Lesson; Distance) 
Chapter   4 - Kodachi Intro
Chapter   5 - Togakure-ryu Totoku Hiyoshi
Chapter   6 - Togakure-ryu Hiryu no Ken
Chapter   7 - Togakure-ryu Kasumi no Ken
Chapter   8 - Togakure-ryu Muso no Ken
Chapter   9 - Togakure-ryu Dai Kai no Ken
Chapter 10 - Tomo-ryu Kodachi (Jissen Gata; Ichi, Ni, San)
Chapter 11 - Soke Anshu Keiko
Chapter 12 - Try Softer (Kuden Lesson)
Chapter 13 - Photo Album

Kuden DVD #13
Kodachi & Ninja Biken
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